Matthew's Certificate of Merit from BSA

Matthew as a Weblos Scout




Matthew crossing over from Weblos to Boy Scout!



We had a wonderful weekend. Matthew graduated from a Weblos scout to a Boy Scout. The best part was Matthew was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Boy Scouts of America for his outstanding behavior the morning Erin had her seizure. I am very proud!

The morning Erin had her seizure Matthew was in the living room with her. He called out, "Mom, Dad, something is wrong with Erin she needs help, call 911." I rushed in the room and saw him sitting beside her on the couch so she didn't fall off and hurt herself. The 911 dispatcher had asked if Erin was breathing and for the life of me I couldn't tell. I was so panicked. Matthew said, "Yes, she is breathing." He had just learned how to check two days before for his readyman activity badge. While I was showing him, I had no idea he would need to know this so soon. Matthew looked out the window and noticed the police drive past our street. He ran out side to direct them to our house. When the Emt's were asking me what Erin's body was doing during her seizure I only remembered her eyes rolling in the back of her head. It is important for them to know what her body was doing to tell what kind of a seizure it was. Matthew was able to tell and show them exactly what she was doing. It is nice to know there is another person in the house who can react in an emergency situation.

While it deeply saddens me that my 10 year old son should have to check if his baby sister is breathing it gives me great joy and pride to see what a remarkable, fine young man he is. I pray to Mary everyday to help me be the best mother I can be, to raise children that God will be proud of. I guess this is her way of showing me I am doing a good job.